Mastering Management Consulting (MMC)

Learn the fundamentals of management consulting from successful, experienced consultants.

Do you want to deliver more value for clients?
Are you just starting a new or re-focusing an existing consulting practice?
Would you like to have more confidence about the right steps in a consulting project?

IMC USA's Mastering Management Consulting fundamentals course helps you learn how to:

  • Identify client needs
  • Create winning proposals
  • Win more projects
  • Deliver better results
  • Design effective project plans
  • Execute successful consulting engagements

Detailed Session Descriptions and Pricing

Who should attend?

  • Early-stage consultants (one to three years of experience)
  • Consultants making major changes to the focus of their practice
  • Consultants needing specific skills or competencies
All consultants will benefit from the following three sessions
  • The State of the Consulting Profession in the US
  • Consulting Core Competencies
  • Ethics and Professional Behaviors (fulfills Ethics requirement for IMC USA’s Certified Management Consultant ® (CMC®) accreditation)

Mastering Management Consulting Modules 

Module 1: Core Competency (2 sessions) - Learn about the current state of the consulting industry from experienced consultants and the core competencies required to be a successful consultant.
Module 2: Ethical Challenges (2 sessions) - Understand the experiences, constraints and issues surrounding consulting engagements today. Identify your own ethical framework.
Module 3: Consulting Process (6 sessions) - Learn how to define the scope of your consulting engagement, write better proposals & project plans, conduct research & gather data, identify solutions, implement & disengage.
Module 4: Practice Management (3 sessions) - Learn how to market your practice & manage client relationships, manage your consulting practice, and maintain your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Detailed Session Descriptions and Pricing