Connector Newsletter December 2022

Message from the Chair/CEO, Julia Demkowski CMC®

Wow! What a great IMC USA Conference! On behave of the National Board of Directors, I want
to thank all members who attended and our awesome sponsors. It was amazing meet in person
for our Consult-Con for the first time in 3 years. The conference was full of information and packed with excitement, especially since we have not been together in so long!

We always appreciate our sponsors who support our National Conference, and this year was outstanding! Please send a message of thanks to them for their sponsorship and welcome those who are new affiliate members! For a list of the sponsors and their emails click here.

Please continue to read below for a special offer from one of our sponsors and new Affiliate Members, New Orchard. I encourage you to read the full article on New Orchard’s Business Identity Index: A Common Framework for Complex Decision Making and complete a Business Identity Assessment for your business!

A special thank you goes out to all Chapter Presidents, Chapter Board Members, National Committees, and the National Board of Directors for all the hard work you do for IMC USA and our members.To see the names of our wonderful volunteer leaders click here.

Your 2022-2023 National Board of Directors ask you to consider sharing your skills with IMC USA. We have been working to create an environment to attract more volunteers for national participation. If you have been thinking about getting involved, please reach out to the chair of any of our national committees or Gregory Brooks at [email protected] to find out more information on volunteering or to let us know you would like to serve on a sprint team of a
particular interest.

What is your Business Identity?

A Common Framework for Complex Decision Making 

New Orchard’s Business Identity Index 

As consultants, we all face a common challenge: new client acquisition and discovery. Each new client represents a unique set of circumstances, challenges, and needs... Read the rest of the article here.

Try the Business Identity Index for Yourself 

As members of IMC and fellow consultants, I want you to experience the process. New Orchard is providing one-time access to the Business Identity Index to our members. Simply click on the following link to take the BII and find out how you perceive your firm approaching these critical decisions.  

As an added benefit, IMC will be able to gain insight into our membership base - who we are and how we typically make decisions. This will in turn help us to create more fantastic programming that speaks directly to these areas, deepening the quality of your experience as an IMC member. 

Take a few minutes and try the BII today!

As always, we welcome hearing from you. Cheers to a happy, healthy, and productive 2023!


2022 Consult-Con A Success!

More than one-hundred management consultants from throughout the world gathered November 18 – 20, for the IMC USA, 2022 Consult-Con conference! Held as hybrid, slightly more than half of the attendees participated in-person at the iconic Brown Hotel, in Louisville, KY, and the remaining conference registrants participated virtually. For those in person, it was the first opportunity since 2019 that IMC USA members gathered in person for networking and education. Featured keynote and general sessions included Mark LeBlanc, CSP, who talked about how successful consultants grow their businesses; Jane Cavalier Lucas, who shared her insights on how to elevate your brand using social media; Craig Duswalt who delivered an enthusiastic talk on how to market like a rock star; David Norman CMC-AF, FIMC, who imparted his words of wisdom, “It’s Not “The What” But “How” You Consult, and finally Manisha Dhawan, who concluded the conference with her thoughts on how to navigate these times as a consultant. Kudos to these keynotes and to the conference workshop instructors and concurrent session presenters who contributed their time and expertise. A big thank you also goes to our very generous conference sponsors, who made the event possible! Information about the 2023 Consult-Con will be available in the new year.



New Orchard




The Tally Consultancy LLC



Ex Nihilo














IMC USA Nonprofit Consultants Network

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Nonprofit Consultant Network events:

Nonprofit Consultants Virtual NETWORKING Happy Hour

Hosted and facilitated by Linda Howard, CMC
Tuesday, November 22, 2022  
2:00 – 3:00 pm PT, 3:00 – 4:00 pm MT, 4:00 – 5:00 pm CT; 5:00 – 6:00 pm ET

Register at the following link:

Want to receive regular updates for the IMC USA Nonprofit Consultants Network mailing list? Send your name, email address, and organization to [email protected]

Ed Potter, CAE
Chair, IMC USA Nonprofit Consultants Network


Welcome October - November New Members

  • Kris Fuehr, Liberty Lake, Washington

  • Alexandria Haslam, San Jose, California

  • Sibel Kardes, Spring, Texas

  • Wayne Krebs, Allen, Texas

  • Hailey Richel, Raleigh, North Carolina


Member Stories: What IMC USA Means to Me

A series of stories by our members. Add your story here:

Stephen Kirkland of Atlantic Executive Consulting, LLC, specializes in executive compensation and loves learning from the successful executives he works with. His passion for learning doesn't stop with his clients, though!

Visit today to learn more!



Thinking about starting, growing and sustaining your practice? What better way than utilizing the resources and community IMC USA offers! If you are seeking to begin your practice, implement a proven competency framework, develop business, optimize performance, exceed client expectations and much more – it all starts with membership and personalized onboarding! Click here to get started today!


News Around the Web


CMC Committee

The CMC Committee is pleased to announce that the unanimously approved deliverables regarding marketing communications and recommendations for IMC USA have been delivered along with a deliberation request to the Board of Directors. Rich Cruz wishes to thank our committee members including Lisa Apolinski, Jennifer Beever, Margaret Chock, Curtis Deckert, Eva Bracciale, and our sponsor David Norman for all of their contributions to this body of work.


Certified Management Consultant (CMC®)

CMC® Certification Committee and Volunteers
The CMC® Certification Committee consists of qualified volunteers who are stepping up to serve as CMC® Oral Examination panelists. Panel Chairs and examiners must comprehend:

  • the Exam Panel Instructions (page 5) and
  • the Exam Orientation-Agenda Letter format that facilitates the CMC® Oral Exam Panel Chair to custom fit an agenda for the exam panelists to follow.

CMC Candidates who are awarded the CMC® (Certified Management Consultant) credential by the IMCUSA have demonstrated an exceptional level of performance that includes:

Our IMC USA is in the process of addressing the ICMCI’s Triennial Assessment for awarding the CMC®. IMC International Members are encouraged to explore and consider earning the Global CMC® through the ICMCI (The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes). The ICMCI’s CMC-Global Institute link is located at

2022 CMC® Triennial Recertification Form
Recertification continues with more CMC's renewing their credential ( this year. Since July 1, 2022, one singular CMC® Recertification Form has been adopted that adheres to the already authorized format from the IMCUSA Board of Directors.
In the future, following the July 31 deadline, a $70 administrative charge will be added to process any candidate’s recertification form. If you do not recertify, your IMCUSA status will be changed from Certified Management Consultant (CMC®) to Professional.

To purchase The Mastering Management Consulting Ethical Challenges Module, which satisfies the ethics requirements for CMC Recertification, please link to (
If you are a non-member or expired member, and you wish to join or renew, or apply for Certified Emeritus, please contact Noelle Campany at [email protected].
For any other questions regarding CMC® Recertification, please contact Lindy Rome at [email protected].
Thanks, again, for helping advance our IMC's unique credential: the CMC® (Certified Management Consultant).

Gregory Lunde, CMC®-Emeritus
IMCUSA CMC® Certification Committee Chair
(562) 733-9119

Gregory Lunde, CMC®-Emeritus, MBA/Ph.D. 
COLLIGATED® Solutions and Systems 
Mobile: 562-733-9119

CMC® (Certified Management Consultant) is a certification mark awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants USA: CMC® represents evidence of the highest standards of consulting and adherence to the ethical canons of the profession ( and


Professional Learning and Development

Our committee is updating the QuickStart curriculum to include workbooks for participants; we expect to offer this improved version in Fall 2022. And we are simultaneously updating the case study and the graphics for Mastering Management Consulting which will also be offered in Fall 2022. If you have questions, please contact Loraine Huchler, P.E., CMC®, FIMC, [email protected], 609-865-8151 (voice & text).


C2M Host Ken Lizotte CMC is Chief Imaginative Officer (CIO) of emerson consulting group inc., which transforms consultants and their firms into business thought leaders via published books, published articles, virtual speaking and other media. Active in IMC for over two decades, Ken has been Chair of Consult-Con 2020 and 2021, president of IMC New England and member of the IMC USA National Board. Author of eight books, Ken is a popular professional speaker and consultant. Visit his website or email [email protected] 


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Women Consultants Group: Zoom Meeting Nov. 3 + In-Person at Consult-Con

The IMC USA Women Consultants SIG meets next on Thursday, December 1st, at 5 PM Eastern. Join us for networking and our facilitated discussion. The meeting takes place on Zoom from 5-6 PM Easter and includes introductions and the opportunity for any member to bring a question or issue to the group related to the business of consulting and get immediate feedback, suggestions, solutions or answers. In addition, the Women Consultants SIG plans to meet in-person for a meal at Consult-Con 2022! Contact Jennifer Beever Causey at [email protected] for more details on the Zoom meeting or the in-person meeting at the conference.


Upcoming National & Chapter Events

IMC USA produces several programs each month. Please visit the online calendar to plan your participation. The majority of these programs are included with your membership! You may search by category and month.



There are 10 chapters throughout the United States that serve members on a local basis – including programming and networking. Please click here to determine the closest chapter to your vicinity.


IMC USA Foundation

Your not-for-profit foundation continues to work on your behalf by improving management consulting. Your 501(c)3 was established about a decade ago to create awareness of the value of ethics and professionalism in consultants.  Most recently we announced the availability of scholarships to attend Consult-Con in November and two of your fellow student members are thankful for the opportunity, provided by you, to be with and learn from their new professional peers. The Foundation needs your help to continue enhancing your profession. Yes, this is an ask. We can’t improve without participation. There are many ways to give (tax deductible, of course), simply go to your IMCUSA account on the website, and navigate to the Foundation page and click on Donate. It is that easy to make a difference.


You can help by going to and making a tax-deductible contribution to raise the level of awareness of ethics in consulting and to equip professionals to practice management consulting with the highest ethics and professionalism. 


Affiliate Program

Management consulting is a $259B market with 875,000 consultants and 3-4% annual growth. If you are seeking greater exposure and business development opportunities within the management consulting marketplace, click here now!


Thank you to our affiliate members for supporting IMC USA!









For a fully directory of our affiliate members, click here.