Connector Newsletter November 2021

Message from the Chair/CEO, Julia Demkowski CMC®



It's that time of year. The days are getting shorter ... and that means it's time to revisit why you are a member of IMC USA.

Belonging to a COMMUNITY

Members often share the reason they joined is to belong to our community. That's why we're focusing on ways to grow and build communities for you within IMC. Adding to our chapters, we are developing regional communities and communities of practice to help you learn, connect, and find resources.

Looking for new avenues for LEARNING

IMC USA has always been about learning, but we're focusing on ways to expand our current offerings. We plan to have CMC® Boot Camps and Study Groups. We are even working on an on-demand learning platform. We will have other opportunities provided by a new Learning Partners program in development. Stay tuned for announcements!

We represent consulting STANDARDS & EXCELLENCE

Members are career consultants, not just in between jobs. Our focus for 2022 is to help you raise the bar even higher with help and support to members seeking their CMC® certification.

Together we are a community of management consultants who continue to learn and set the bar for standards and excellence in consulting. 2022 looks to be our best year ever - and we want you with us!

IMC USA is on a forward path with continued focus on membership value, growth, and retention. We ask for your continued support and patience as we prepare to roll out several new and many improved features, benefits, and programs for our members! Many will be in Q4. Please be on the lookout for a member survey to share your reasons for joining, renewing, and what IMC USA can do to meet your expectations. The survey will go out in Q4 to assist us in our 2022 planning.

Our number one objective continues to be to create Easy to Volunteer (ETV) opportunities for members who want to get involved in sprints or other ETV opportunities. Member engagement benefits all of us. Please reach out to Trish Gaffney [email protected] if you would be willing to serve as an IMC USA Member Ambassador.

Please help us get the word out to join IMC USA or to renew membership by liking and sharing the IMC USA page on your social media platforms. Consider reaching out to fellow consultants to invite them to attend the conference or to learn more about IMC USA. We have the best community of management consultants! We need to share that message with others!

I look forward to seeing you at Consult-Con in November!

Welcome September - October New Members!

  • Bat-Orshikh Erdenebat, At-Large, Mongolia
  • John Igitt, National Capital Region, Columbia, Maryland
  • Floretta Jackson, Carolinas, Charolette North Carolina 
  • James Livingston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Southlake, Texas
  • Chris Saylor, Philadelphia, Wernersville, Pennsylvania 
  • Stacey Smith, Northern California, Oakland, California
  • Morgan Taylor, At-Large, American Fork, Utah

Member Stories: What IMC USA Means To Me

A series of stories by our members. Add your story here:


Dawn Cone, Ph.D.
Management Consultant/Executive Coach
DSC Consulting Solutions, LLC/AIIR Consulting


Join the “Ambassador” Launch!

IMC USA invites seasoned consultants from chapters and at-large to help induct new members. Contact Trish Gaffney at [email protected] to get engaged with one new member eager to discover value and opportunity. As an Ambassador, you’ll receive guidelines to help welcome your “New Member” match.

Consult-Con Virtual Conference 


Special Thanks to this Year's Conference Sponsors 

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Certified Management Consultant (CMC®)

The Certified Management Consultant® (CMC®) mark is awarded by IMC USA to consultants who have achieved a level of performance that includes professional standards in technical competency and ethics, and global standards in consulting competencies, professional behavior, client and project management, and personal conduct. Learn more today!

Recognition and Awards 

Awards Ceremony Scheduled for November 5th at 1 PM Eastern

Mark your calendar now to attend the Annual IMC USA Awards Ceremony on November 5th at 1 PM ET. There we will recognize and honor the contributions of several of your fellow members and talk about what led us to bestow these accolades. Finally, there will be an overview of all the different awards---chapter, national, and international to inspire you to go for the gold next year. Please register for the conference to attend the awards ceremony. See you there!

Upcoming National & Chapter Events 

IMC USA produces several programs each month. Please visit the online calendar to plan your participation. The majority of these programs are included with your membership! Please visit the online calendar. You may search by category and month.


C2M Live Zoom Cast

Tuesday, November 16, at 2:00 PM Eastern.

Special guest Tim Hebert, author of the new book The Intentional Leader (Bloomsbury Press) joins us for the full hour. Founder/CEO of Atrion, a $350 million Rhode Island IT consulting firm, Tim will light up our notions of leadership with inspiring tales of his 35+ years of experience as a motivational and much acclaimed "intentional" corporate leader.

Please check the online calendar for details and registration soon.

The Women Consultants Group

Meets on Zoom - Thursday, November 4, at 5 PM Eastern for our monthly discussion. The November discussion will be a Pre-Con discussion and networking opportunity before Consult-Con 2021 on November 5-6. The purpose of the Women Consultants Group is to highlight IMC USA women consultants and facilitate a community that supports the success of all. For more information or to attend the event, contact Jennifer Beever CMC®, MBA by email [email protected] or phone 818-347-4248.

IMC USA Nonprofit Consultants Network

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Nonprofit Consultant Network NETWORKING Happy Hour

Tuesday, November 23, 2021 
2:00 – 3:00 pm Pacific, 3:00 – 4:00 pm Mountain, 4:00 – 5:00 pm Central; 5:00 – 6:00 pm Eastern

Register here – Free to attend
Do you consult with nonprofit organizations – or want to learn more about it? This is the place for you! Building relationships with other nonprofit consultants within IMC is what many of us said we were looking for. These are informal opportunities to meet other consultants and chat about topics of interest, build relationships, and explore ways to collaborate.


There are 10 chapters throughout the United States that serve members on a local basis – including programming and networking. Please click here to determine the closest chapter to your vicinity.