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        Connector Newsletter June 2022

Message from the Chair/CEO, Julia Demkowski CMC®


A special thank you to all volunteers who offer their time and talents to IMC USA. Volunteers are an essential and invaluable part of any association. IMC USA has the most amazing consultants who take time from their busy lives to support IMC USA. On the national level we are honored to welcome three new board members:

  • Angela Dingle, CMC® - Chair-Elect
  • David Norman, CMC®, FIMC - Director
  • Andre Vaccaro - Director

The current national board looks forward to collaborating with such outstanding individuals. We also want to thank and recognize the contributions of two national board members whose terms expired in May. 

  • Adam Cherrill, CMC® 
  • Constantinos Stavropoulos, CMC®  

We thank all volunteers and ask members to please take note of the announcement from the Recognition and Awards Committee and think of those you can personally recognize! You can access information directly from the website by clicking here.

I would like to share a quick update on the work we have been doing to improve communication. Our desire is to improve the quality and frequency of messaging going out to members. We believe our new community board, a new  innovative design coming soon for our newsletter, and streamlining how we communicate upcoming events will help. We are still open for ideas so do not be shy in sharing any ideas you may have. Stay tuned for an announcement on how we will communicate upcoming events soon. 

IMC USA’s affiliate member Omega Notes is up and running with 88 IMC USA members! Thanks to Jennifer Leake and Andrew Lang for a great presentation on setting up member profiles and a general cruise around the platform on May 19th. If you missed the meeting, please request a recording by emailing [email protected]. We will be offering more opportunities to help you get set up to use this new tool. 

So, what is our community board and how do you join? I am glad you asked! 

The IMC USA Community Board is hosted by Omega Notes. This new and exciting way for member interaction requires members to opt in to gain access to this member benefit. Not opted in yet? Click here, you will receive an email from the Community Board host (Omega Notes) with your username and temporary password, which can be changed by you if preferred.

If you are already enrolled in the Community Board, click here.

For questions on the community board please email: [email protected]

Help us promote you and IMC USA! Please remember to log in to submit your member feature information. We use these submissions to highlight members on social media. We will soon launch a CMC Member Feature to use on social media promoting our certified members, certification, and Mastering Management Consulting program.

Please put November 18-20, 2022 on your calendar and help spread the word about IMC USA and our 2022 Conference! If you know other consultants, the conference combo packages always offer a fantastic opportunity to combine membership and the conference. Stay tuned for program information and combo packages. 

I cannot wait to see all of you in Louisville!



Discounted registration savings are available through July 26, so be sure to race over to the Consult-Con 2022 registration page to save your seat and take the lead in your consulting practice. We can't wait to see you this November 18-20 in Louisville, Kentucky for a conference experience designed for champions. Check out these newly announced conference schedule highlights:


Take in the invigorating scent of fresh coffee and the bustling sounds of your colleagues filling the halls of the historic Brown Hotel the first morning of Consult-Con 2022. After visiting the registration desk, spend the morning mingling and enjoying the table top exhibits before a long-awaited in-person lunch in the city with your colleagues. Whether you choose to spend your afternoon in the Rainmaking Tools for Consultants Workshop or the Ethics Workshop, you will certainly gain valuable and applicable insights - all included in your registration cost. Learn more about the CMC application process at "CMC®: The What, Why and How" before an empowering Opening Keynote with Mark LeBlanc. We can't wait to greet and chat with our colleagues at the end of the day's welcome reception.


We'll be off to the races bright and early Saturday morning for a Speed Networking Breakfast and a keynote that will teach you "How Your Social Media Brand Can Elevate Your Business." After a networking break, we'll dive into an afternoon full of expert concurrent sessions that answer the important questions of:

  • How to Start/ReStart Your Consulting Business
  • How to Get Your Book Published
  • How to Use Negotiation Strategies to Enhance Client Relationship
  • How to Advance Your Status from Anonymous to Known: Create Your Brand Today for Exceptional Engagement Tomorrow
  • How To Produce Your Own Podcast/Audio and Video Live-Streaming
  • How to Find, Create and Continually Refresh Strategy

We also look forward to an awards luncheon where we will honor and celebrate your accomplishments this year and hear from another world-class keynote.


Squeeze out every last bit of Consult-Con value at Sunday morning's networking breakfast and activity before a general session and closing keynote. Whether you'll be traveling home afterwards or sticking around for some overdue in-person fun with friends and colleagues, a year of wins and successes will have only just begun!

Special Thanks to our Sponsors and Supporters




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Welcome April - May New Members

  • James Byrd, Eastern Region, Clearwater, FL
  • Tonya McNeal-Weary, International Region, Detroit, MI
  • Joann Seery, Northwest, Oregon & Washington Chapter, Johns Island, SC
  • Rohini Singh, International Region, Wellington, Australia
  • Gregory Tutunjian, Northeast Region, Milton Village, MA

Member Stories: What IMC USA Means To Me

A series of stories by our members. Add your story here: 

"IMC USA provides me with a community of similar independent professionals dedicated to learning, ethics, and client satisfaction. The collective, institutional knowledge of IMC-USA's membership offers a wealth of experience to learn from."

To learn more about what Adam and hundreds of other professionals love about their IMC USA membership, visit today!

Adam Cherrill, CMC®
Cherrill Consulting Group


Thinking about starting, growing and sustaining your practice? What better way than utilizing the resources and community IMC USA offers! If you are seeking to begin your practice, implement a proven competency framework, develop business, optimize performance, exceed client expectations and much more – it all starts with membership and personalized onboarding! Click here to get started today!

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Affiliate Program

Management consulting is a $259B market with 875,000 consultants and 3-4% annual growth. If you are seeking greater exposure and business development opportunities within the management consulting marketplace, click here now!

Thank you to our affiliate members for supporting IMC USA!

Cultivating Sales
Melissa Blair

Expert Click
Mitchell Davis

Jeff Hunt

Omega Notes
Andrew Lang

Soren Kaplan

Russell Trajan

Certified Management Consultant (CMC®)

Join 8,200 + Management Consultants worldwide as a leader in the profession. Achieving your CMC® increases your chances of  earning new client engagements and maintaining existing relationships.

The Certified Management Consultant® (CMC®) mark is awarded by IMC USA to consultants who have achieved a level of performance that includes professional standards in technical competency and ethics, and global standards in consulting competencies, professional behavior, client and project management, and personal conduct. Learn more today!

June 21, 2022, 2-3 PM ET, ZOOMCAST - Register Today!

Partners in Life and Work: Challenges and Rewards from Star-Up to Global Success

with Dov and Elma Levy

What challenges face entrepreneurs who try combining a business and marriage partnership? What about the rewards? And what needs to happen to grow from a start-up practice into a level of maturity involving private equity and, ultimately, the status of a successful global firm?

To learn the answers, join Dov and Elma Levy, a married couple who have lived through such challenging questions as they developed their firm Dovel Technologies, now a powerhouse in its industry. Dov and Elma will offer their experiences as food for thought for making business and life partnerships work in a manner that achieves multiple life goals and for acquiring business lessons that can be applied by anyone.

Bonus! This session can be augmented by the speakers’ upcoming book Partners in Life and Work: Finding Success Through a Partner Business (Routledge) available in July from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and bookstores everywhere.

Register Today!

C2M Host Ken Lizotte CMC is Chief Imaginative Officer (CIO) of emerson consulting group inc., which transforms consultants and their firms into business thought leaders via published books, published articles, virtual speaking and other media. Active in IMC for over two decades, Ken has been Chair of Consult-Con 2020 and 2021, president of IMC New England and member of the IMC USA National Board. Author of eight books, Ken is a popular professional speaker and consultant. Visit his website or email [email protected]

Recognition and Awards

Recognize a Worthy Colleague

If you are a member of the IMC USA, you probably know someone who deserves to be recognized---and maybe, just maybe, that person would qualify for one of our prestigious national awards?

Why Recognizing Colleagues is Important

When we recognize our colleagues, not only are we making the honoree feel good, but we get to feel good as well.  IMC USA has several ways to acknowledge the extraordinary contributions of its members, including the FIMC (Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants) and the Lifetime Achievement Award. Sponsoring a colleague for either of these prestigious awards is not rocket science, but it often takes longer than expected. Please visit the IMC USA website to review the requirements. There, you will also find other awards for which your friends may qualify. Since it usually takes a while to collect the required endorsements and signatures, we suggest you start now. Download any of the applications from this page. Also, please be sure to make your intention known, so that we on the Recognition and Awards Committee will be expecting the application.

It's a Feel-Good Opportunity

When you nominate a deserving colleague, you both get to feel good. Please consider investing your time and effort to sponsor a colleague for either the FIMC or the LAA. If you have any questions, you may call or email me, Joyce Gioia [joy-yah], Chair of the Recognition and Awards Committee at [email protected] or 336-210-3548. 

Upcoming National & Chapter Events

IMC USA produces several programs each month. Please visit the online calendar to plan your participation. The majority of these programs are included with your membership! You may search by category and month.

The Women Consultants Group

Meets on Zoom – Join us Thursday, June 2nd at 5 PM Eastern for our monthly discussion. The purpose of the Women Consultants Group is to highlight IMC USA women consultants and facilitate a community that supports the success of all. For more information or to attend the event, contact Jennifer Beever CMC®, MBA by email [email protected] or phone 818-347-4248.

Nonprofit Consultants Network

Join us for our upcoming Nonprofit Consultant Network event:

Adaptive Change Management - Navigating disruption for your nonprofit clients and for your business

Wednesday, June 29, 2022  
12:00 – 1:30 pm Eastern, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm Central, 10:00 – 11:30 am Mountain; 9:00 – 10:30 pm Pacific

Register at the following link: 

The world of work today is unlike anything we've seen in the history of management.  In our time, we've seen the rise of a global internet, gene splicing, and the gig economy... never mind the more recent disruptions of the pandemic, social change, remote work, and the great resignation. How can any leader thrive in such volatile times? 

It turns out, there is an answer. Over the last 25 years several similar management movements have evolved to address these challenges. From Lean Startup to Agile software to a recent redefinition of Project Management, these approaches have revolutionized technology development, marketing practices, and business models. Industry conglomerates to governments to NGOs alike have learned to deliver value when plans get blown up. In this interactive session, you will learn simple, powerful concepts that have been proven to empower your clients to navigate change with grace and equip your consulting practice to evolve faster than the rest. 

Among key takeaways you will learn include:

  • How change in the modern world is different from past generations
  • How the recent management movements have solved these challenges
  • How to apply modern change practices to non-profit consulting

Hope to see you there!

Ed Potter, CAE
Chair, IMC USA Nonprofit Consultants Network


There are 10 chapters throughout the United States that serve members on a local basis – including programming and networking. Please click here to determine the closest chapter to your vicinity.

IMC USA Foundation

Painless and feels good.

What is both painless to do and in doing so makes you feels good? Did you know that the IMC USA Foundation is set up to promote ethics and education in management consulting? The Foundation is allied in this purpose with IMC USA and supports several activities that promote ethics in consulting. For example, the Foundation proudly supports a scholarship for several of IMC USA’s Young Professional members to go the National conference on November 18-20.  We strongly believe attendance at the conference will help put these Young Professional members on a path to be successful.

You, too, can help by going to and make a tax-deductible contribution to raise the level of awareness of ethics in consulting and to equip professionals to practice management consulting with the highest ethics and professionalism.