Tuesday, February 15, 2022
2 PM Eastern Time (11 AM Pacific)

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 Selling Above the Lines
Sales Differentiation, a Customer-Focused Sales Lens and Other Innovative Tools Can Win Us More Business and Higher Fees

When engaged in sales, we consultants, like sales reps in other industries, face fierce competition in pursuit of winning deals. Differences in service features and functions get slimmer by the minute and are not always meaningful to buyers. So how can we stand out from the pack and win new accounts at prices we want?

In this session, Lee Saltz, author of the new book Sell Different! (HarperCollins), will show us how, as he puts it, we can “outsmart, outmaneuver, and outsell your competition.” He’ll recommend tools cited in his book for both landing desirable new accounts and growing our existing ones. By differentiating both what we sell and how we sell it, this can be done!

A recognized specialist in Sales Differentiation, Lee works with organizations across all industries worldwide, helping them attain superior deals at superior pricing. Author of four other books on sales, he has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The New York Times, MSNBC, ABC News, and numerous other media outlets and speaking venues.

Joining Lee will be our IMC colleague Jennifer Leake CMC®, a former sales leader in pharmaceutical sales who says she “tends to look at the world through a sales lens.” Employing this skill to assist HR professionals and business owners create “Best Job Ever” systems, she enables them to hire the right people, engage them to be loyal, energized and productive, and develop leaders who achieve high-level results in sales, customer service and teamwork. 

“Too often we speak ‘consultant-ese’ or talk too much about ourselves,” Jennifer says. “Instead our communication needs a client/customer focus rather than a self-focus, especially as regards our elevator speeches, websites and marketing copy.  Prospects want to know that we understand their key problems and have solutions for them. In this way we’ll stand out with messages that are unique and distinct from the common language all too many other consultants use.”

C2M Host Ken Lizotte CMC is Chief Imaginative Officer (CIO) of emerson consulting group inc., which transforms consulting firms and entrepreneurs into business thoughtleaders via published books, published articles, virtual speaking appearances and other media. An active IMCer since 1996, Ken was chair of Consult-Cons 2020 and 2021, president of IMC New England 2000-2005 and member of the IMC USA  National Board in 2006-2007. Visit his website www.thoughtleading.com or email [email protected]