From Bias to Belonging
A special 3-workshop series

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Instructor: Matthew J. Cahill, President, Percipio Company

If you have a brain, you have bias!™ 

Bias lives in 99+% of how we unconsciously process information in any given moment. Most of the time, bias serves us well. Understanding when it doesn’t is key to improving our decisions, relationships, and organizations. 

This 3-workshop series will guide you through a conceptual overview of the Bias Ecosystem, explore how bias impacts client-consultant relationships, and conclude with an experiential virtual activity. 

Take this short assessment to learn more: Unconscious Bias Assessment.
Note: If you take the assessment, you’ll get much more value out of the program. 

Workshop One: Unconscious Bias 
Length: 90 minutes

Perception is shaped in our brains before we know it. Humans are not rational creatures but rather rationalizing creatures. This interactive virtual session presents the Bias Ecosystem conceptual framework and explores the five most common cognitive biases. Using a self-reflective approach, you’ll deepen your understanding of how unconscious bias impacts your decisions, relationships, and client work, proving that if you have a brain, you have bias!

Workshop One takeaways
• Deepen your understanding of unconscious bias
• Understand how unconscious bias affects interactions and relationships
• Understand the 5 most common cognitive biases and how these biases impact decisions and client engagements
• Define and know how to mitigate bias issues when they arise 

Homework assignment  
Implicit Association Test (IAT) We’ll use test results, individual reflections and test takeaways to introduce and underpin key topics in Workshop Two.

Workshop Two: Dimensions of Diversity
Length: 90 minutes

No one self-identifies as just one thing. Our experiences shape each one of us. And we understand there are many layers that make us unique, multi-faceted individuals in the world. At the same time, our brains are often hard-wired for bias, causing us to make snap-shot assumptions and judgments about others and pushing us to stereotype someone in an instant. This interactive virtual session explores the wide range of dimensions of diversity that go beyond the binary (race and gender) to include culture, age, orientation, media, politics, and artificial intelligence. Together we’ll establish shared definitions and a common language for constructive conversations around sensitive topics. 

Workshop Two takeaways
• Know how to facilitate or structure conversations on potentially polarizing topics
• Reflect on the many layers of your own identity both in and out of the workplace
• Invitation to be the change you want to see in the world and start carrying out inclusive actions

Homework assignment
Deal Me In! - A paired activity that extends your learning beyond the workshop.

Workshop Three: Inclusive Leadership in a Virtual World
Length: 90 minutes

The pandemic made one thing clear: video technology has evolved to allow for meaningful engagements. Virtual meetings CAN be even more effective than in-person meetings IF you change the way you prepare and structure them. This session explores best practices for making virtual sessions both inclusive and engaging. You'll learn a collaborative, problem-solving activity designed for consultants and coaches to use with clients. This experiential activity explores some of the biases covered in the previous two workshop sessions while providing participants with a common goal. 

Workshop Three tool: The Missing Piece 4 Virtual Consultants

Workshop Three takeaways
• Apply the common bias framework through an interactive problem-solving exercise
• Reflect on ways you can use this online activity with your individual consulting methodology 
• Explore new possibilities to improve your virtual consulting and workshops using more effective techniques

Matthew’s full bio 
About Matthew in a nutshell

Matthew Cahill has built a consulting and coaching practice based upon the belief that if you have a brain, you have bias™! Matthew excels at meeting people where they are on this life-long journey of self-reflective discovery and moves organizations from bias to belonging™. I highly recommend you spend some time with Matthew to learn how bias is impacting your bottom line.

Akeisha's full bio
About Akeisha in a nutshell

Akeisha Johnson of An Inspired Story Coaching is a certified and dynamic Business Leadership Coach, facilitator, and public speaker. Well known by peers and clients for creating leaders that other people want to work for, she is the creator and facilitator of the A Safe Space to Talk About Race(SafeSTTAR)™ workshop, the former Program Director of The Oshun Project, a non-profit program whose work with Haitian farmers provides clean water in rural villages, and previous host and co-producer of the podcast, “Making It Work: Stories of Surviving and Thriving in the SF Bay Area.