Ethics Compliance

The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (the "Code") is recognized and acknowledged as one of the cornerstones of IMC USA. Therefore, alleged and actual violations of the Code will be taken very seriously and prosecuted rigorously, fairly, and expeditiously. This is done in the best interests of IMC USA members, their clients, and the Institute.

Accordingly, allegations of impropriety will be promptly investigated and a determination made of the actuality and severity of resulting violations. If applicable, suitable sanctions are determined and imposed, ranging from a private letter of censure to expulsion from the Institute. In addition the CMC and any other designations granted by IMC USA may be removed. Finally, if appropriate, the Ethics Committee may also impose an administrative fee to defray actual costs incurred in the enforcement process.

The IMC USA Ethics Committee Chair assisted by the Executive Director, has overall responsibility for the development of the enforcement process, and the administration and execution of this policy under the governance and oversight of the IMC USA Board of Directors.